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Simplify your business management with our comprehensive suite designed to manage a Business in Bharath 🇮🇳.

1000+ Enterprises

Thousands of Enterprises are using zepbill to manage their business and it successfully managed their business workflow.

10000+ Bills Generated

More than ten thousand bills are Generated by enterprises.

gst bill



gst bill
  • 1.GST Invoices

    Create and manage GST Invoices 90% faster than the traditional method.

  • 2.Non-GST Invoices

    If your enterprise is not GST Registered? Don't worry ZepBill supports non-gst sales.

  • 3.Receipt

    Manage the money received by the buyer by creating receipt document.

  • 4.Sales Returns Entry

    Manage the items returned by your customer to you by creating a sales return entry.

  • 5.Delivery Note

    Create and manage the delivery note for your customer when you deliver the goods and services.

  • 6.Customers

    Fully manage your customer information.


  • 1.Purchase Order (PO)

    Create and manage purchase order (PO) that you want to send to your seller.

  • 2.Goods Received Note(GRN)

    Manage the acknowledgement document for your seller about the receipt of goods.

  • 3. Suppliers

    Fully manage supplirs information.

gst bill

Inventory Management

gst bill
  • 1.Products

    Manage your products that you sell in your enterprise.

    Batch wise inventory products.

    Supports GST calculation prescribed by GSTIN.

  • 3. Services

    Manage services that you provide to your customers in your enterprise.


  • 1.Calculator

    4 Function Calculator.

  • 2.GST-Calculator

    Fully fledged Calculator to calculate GST Amount.

gst bill

Enterprise Management

gst bill
  • 1.Multi Branch Support

    Manage billing, sales, purchases, etc... for your multiple branches across multiple states/union territories situated in Bharath .

  • 2.Employee Management

    Manage your employees to access the platform and perform their duties.


Zepbill is a SaaS based solution for MSMEs in Bharath to manage their business. Enterprise owners can easily manage their business using the platform.

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